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Choosing the right tyres for your vehicle
With so many factors to consider when you are looking to buy new tyres, it can be difficult to feel confident that you have made the best choice. Speed rating, Load rating, Fuel Economy, Summer Tyres, Winter Tyres, All-season, Asymmetric, Symmetric, Directional…although this vast amount of tyre information available to you could seem overwhelming, it is, in fact, advantageous when choosing the most suitable tyres for your vehicle.

To help narrow down these factors into the right tyre choice, it would be beneficial to determine your driving style. Your driving style affects the longevity, wear and roadworthiness of your tyres. Are you calm behind the wheel, or slightly erratic? Making a conscious effort to always drive smoothly could prolong the shelf life of your tyres but driving too quickly, hasty cornering and heavy braking will cause abnormal wear and your tyres will need replacing more frequently.

Summer Tyres ensure the maximum safety performance when the temperature is above 7°C, making them ideal from April until September. Their rubber compounds provide good grip and handling on dry and wet roads but only in warm conditions. Winter Tyres have safety features that offer drivers more stability and control on the road, including; additional grooves and sipes that ensure greater resistance to aquaplaning, rubber compounds specifically designed to endure colder conditions and tread patterns that provide enhanced traction in the wet, or the snow.
All-season tyres can be used throughout the year in any weather conditions – these tyres are more suited to calmer drivers.

Homologated tyres are designed specifically for fitment on a particular model of car, a Porsche 911, for example. Developing and supplying homologated tyres for Original Equipment (OE) is a complex process that can take years as these tyres will be designed to ensure that they complement the key features of that type of vehicle.

Stanway Tyre stock a wide range of Part Worn and Brand New tyres from reputable tyre manufacturers, offering Premium, Mid-Range and Budget options to suit any customer requirement. We offer same-day fitting within our fast-fit garages and our competitive pricing, combined with our experienced and trustworthy technicians, means our customers are given the very best fitment options.